Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sehwag Became a Superstar of Ad World

After hitting a massive double century the day before yesterday in Indore, Virender Sehwag demands have rapidly increased in the advertising world also. His wonderful and outstanding innings at Indore results in making him a superstar in the ad world also.

Sehwag told to the media about it that his mobile is flooded with more than 800 messages after that inning and he currently do not known how many of such messages were from the corporate market or from advertisers. His managers, Professional Management Groups which is also known as PMG told that many advertisers want to sign him and Sehwag will be going to have a shot with many brands before leaving Australia on December 12th.

PMG also told to the media that “Sehwag’s interest level among advertisers has grown rapidly and he has given a perfect answer from his bat to the detractors who uses to say that now he can’t get more runs in One Day Internationals.”

PMG CEO told that Sehwag will be going to sing around 4 to 5 deals of around Rs 10 crore a year with an estimated annual fess per deal of around 2 crore to Rs 2.5 crore of every brand name for which he will be going to work. He will work with the top brands like Adidas, Karbonn Mobiles, Hero Moto Corporation as well as Royal Challengers and with such brands he will work for a very long time.

As per the Karbonn Mobile Company, Sehwag’s promotion of their brand names and his appeal to huge mass helpful in increasing their brand recall value also. This is really amazing news for such brand names and shocking news for other branded company who emerges as a competitor of such companies today. Well! Let us see that will Sehwag accept another brand’s deals apart from it in future or not.

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