Monday, August 8, 2011

Double celebration for Manchester football fans

Football is like passion and people go all crazy about this great game, this game creates interests in one and all. People admire their favorite football player. But this time Manchester will have double celebration and go all crazy because of two reasons first being United secured their 19th league crown and City won the FA Cup final therefore right football is something which making everyone celebrate their heart out.

It is a game of excitement, obsession and divine. People go crazy about football and players, they worship players like god. To secure the championship, the team only needed one point against Blackburn Rovers with a game to spare – and achieved it with a 1-1 result at Ewood Park.

Whenever, there is any football match, people schedule their daily work according to the time schedule of the game. They love to see their favorite players scoring goals and making their country proud. You must have noticed that United’s league triumph sees the club surpass bitter rivals Liverpool as the winner of the most English league titles.

The Merseyside giants held an 18-7 advantage over United when they claimed their last league title in 1990. But 12 titles under Sir Alex Ferguson has seen United take an outright lead after his team’s 2009 Premier League success drew the teams level at 18-18. Football fans stick to their TV sets from the beginning to the end of the game. Everything comes to standstill when any football match is being played.

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