Monday, March 14, 2011

Four slots, five teams in Group B of World Cup

With Bangladesh beating The Netherlands and creeping up to fourth place, Group B is where all the action is, as five teams are in contention for four quarterfinal berths. TOI does the permutations & combinations...


Status: Currently toppers in Group B with 7 points. They are almost through thanks to their healthy net run-rate of +0.768.

Matches remaining: Vs West Indies. March 20, Chennai

To qualify: A win over West Indies will take them through automatically. They will go through even if England lose to West Indies or Bangladesh lose to South Africa. That they are playing the last match of the group stage goes in their favour as India will know exactly what they need to do.

The catch: India can miss the bus if England beat West Indies by more than 95 runs and Bangladesh beat South Africa and India lose to West Indies by more than 95 runs.

West Indies

Status: Second with six points. They have an excellent net-run rate of +2.705.

Matches remaining: Vs England, March 17 and vs India, March 20. Both games in Chennai.

To Qualify: A win in either game will take them through. A win in both games will take them to the top of the group.

The catch: If they lose to both England and India by a huge margin. That will mean a fight with Bangladesh. Even then their huge NRR should take them through.

South Africa

Status: Placed third with six points and a very healthy net-run rate of +1.352.

Matches remaining: Vs Ireland today in Kolkata & vs Bangladesh in Dhaka on March 19.

To Qualify: Will sail through if they win either one of the two games.

The catch: If they lose both their matches. They will stay on six points and Bangladesh will surpass them with eight points. An NRR battle with West Indies too won't go in their favour.


Status: Currently fourth in the group with six points and a bad net-run rate of -0.765.

Matches remaining: Vs South Africa on March 19 in Dhaka.

To Qualify: If England lose to West Indies whatever happens against South Africa doesn't matter. They will go through. Of course, if they beat South Africa, they earn an appointment into the quarterfinals.

The catch: If England beat the West Indies and South Africa beat them.


Status: Placed fifth with five points and in real danger of missing out on a quarterfinal berth. Their NRR too is barely acceptable at +0.013.

Matches remaining: Vs West Indies on March 17 in Chennai.

To Qualify: They must beat West Indies and hope that South Africa beat Bangladesh and India beat West Indies.

The catch: If they lose to West Indies, they get knocked out automatically. But even if they win, they will have to hope for a favour from South Africa who need to beat Bangladesh.

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