Sunday, July 10, 2011

John Cena and Edge Won elimination chamber match in wrestle mania

There were very interesting matches in WWE Wrestle Mania 27. These two matches were WWE Elimination chamber. John Cena and Edge was the winner of those matches. Wrestle Mania is one of interesting and popular series of WWE.

In Cena match there were six wrestlers including Cena. These wrestlers are Randy Orton, R Truth, CM Punk, Shemus and John Morrison. All thewresters performed very well but after forty five minutes there were only three wrestlers Cena, Punk and Morrison. In this fight Morrison injured very badly his knee injured very badly. He attacked on Punk but he moved and in this accident Morrison got injured.

After that punk hold Cena on to the ropes and he blocked him but Cena escaped it successfully and finally he defeated to Punk. After this victory Cena got a chance to fight against WWE Champion the Miz at Wrestle Mania on 3rd April.

On the other match Edge fought, thery were six wrestlers including Edge and these wrestlers are Wade Barrett, Kane, Rey Mysterio, Drew Mcintyre, and Big show. Big Show got a chance in place of Dolph Ziggler because he was fired by Genral Manager on last week. In this match all the fighters performed very well but in last there were only two wrestlers Edge and Rey Mytesterio. Both the wrestlers fought very well but in the last Edge won this match and remained his world heavyweight title.

It was very good match where Wade Barrett was bound and in the starting of the match after twenty minutes Kane and Big Show both were eliminated in difference of few minutes. And match was between only Edge and Mysterio in which Mysterio almost won the match but he went to the rope and Edge recovered it. Finally Edge won the match. When he was celebrating of his winning Alberto Del Rio attacked him but soon Christian entered in the ring and he hit Del rio. He came in the ring after five month.

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